All startups and small businesses want to disrupt their industries. Upmarketry gets you the attention you need to do it.

Simon Sinek started a business revolution when he told companies to stop talking about their ‘what’ and start with their ‘why’. That’s Upmarketry’s view too.

In every programme we build and every business we work with, we start with the brand messaging. We turn an over-ambitious or irrelevant phrase, a ton of jargon or a wild claim into clear messages and values that speak to the customer in their language and make them care. Once that’s done, you’ll be standing your ground against the big boys.

The difference a good brand and message can make

(Not our clients sadly, just examples!)


20 years ago, Innocent leapt on to the market with its first drinks range thanks to powerful messaging and brand identity. It had a mission to make it easier for people to do themselves some good, and to leave the planet a little bit better than how they found it. Innocent lives and breathes this promise with green electricity in its offices; responsible suppliers and generous donations to help the world’s hungry. And all we have to do is buy a drink to help.

Ella's Kitchen

Ella’s Kitchen competes with brands that are decades old as well as good old home made stuff (which is far cheaper). And yet, it’s grown to take 20% of the market. Not an easy feat when all you have to work with is fruit, vegetables and packaging. Creating the idea that baby food can be fun and cool was its route to success and its amusing colour and design topped it off nicely.

Dollar Shave Club

Razors. Pretty hard to dominate in that area right? Just how precise does a razor need to be?? The Dollar Shave Club decided to compete on price. Given that we’re dealing with blades to the face, it was a risky strategy as it’s not an area you’d like to compromise on quality. With the right messaging, marketing approach and viral video however, the company got everyone on side and was valued at $1billion within a few years. 


When used as a mixer, thousands of households can’t quite distinguish Fever-Tree from other tonic waters but they buy it all the same because of its status. Since inception, Fever-Tree made a conscious decision to use only the highest quality ingredients in its products and the founders travelled far and wide to track them down. It took a stand to position itself as a premium spirit, and hotels, restaurants and events across the world have been clambering over each other to align themselves with this quality.

The Startup Brand Build

Don’t pay a few quid for a logo and call it a brand. As a startup, you’re small and new enough to create a powerful brand proposition cheaply and quickly that takes into account your competition, your target audience and the opportunities for growth. Make a promise to customers. Find brand values that every one of your growing team can live by. Stand out. 

Now is the time. Don’t miss your chance. Get your startup marketing agency on board now.

Upmarketry - Purpose-built for startups and small businesses



We’ve made Upmarketry as lean as possible to price ourselves 50% below the agency market rate. So you pay for quality work; not lunch meetings and office expenses.



We may bang on about branding but we’re actually the full PR and marketing package. So once we’ve created your identity & messaging, we’ll simply crack on with raising your profile.



Forget vanity metrics like number of press clippings or twitter followers. We focus on goals that will change your business and choose the optimal approach to get there.

Just like you

Just like you

We’re a startup ourselves so we know the challenges you’re facing. Your time is limited so we keep communication and reporting clear and concise.



We won’t promise senior bods and then deliver the work via junior, inexperienced staff. At Upmarketry, no one has fewer than 8 years’ experience so work is done well first time.



The marketing landscape keeps changing, and so do your customers. We recognise it’s in our interest and yours to keep up with the trends and learn new approaches.

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