The secret to low cost video production

Will Littlewood Written by
Will Littlewood

Who wants a video for their website? Me! Me! Me! I’ve got an iPhone and some willing volunteers to be on camera, so that should be enough right? Chances are if this is your approach, it may end up having the reverse effect on your brand and might even turn people away from your business.

A good corporate video takes a lot of planning and the correct equipment and know-how to get it right. This isn’t to say that you need a £40,000 camera and a crew of 20, far from it. You just need to think things through and get the little things right.

Here are some tips for low cost video production:

Low cost video production – Equipment

Most of us have a 4k camera sitting in our pockets in the form of an iPhone or Samsung, or some sort of consumer DSLR at home. Equipment has become far more affordable and easy to use than what it used to be, but there’s a clear step up to the professional standard of camera and your clients will notice the difference if you’re prepared to go the extra step.

Lighting is a key part of any video and something you might not be able to do to much with on your own. Natural lighting is great if you can get it, but how many offices have perfectly balanced natural lighting to setup an interview shot? Match this with the yellowish hue that comes from fluorescent tube lighting and the chances are your interviewee might start to look a little unwell.

Sound is the final key, there are a multitude of affordable microphones you can buy; USB mics for laptops, iPhone mics, shotgun mics for your DSLR, all of which will help with sound. A crackling, buzzing, quiet video is no good to anyone, especially if you’re trying to sell your business or convey a message.

Low cost video production – Editing

The next thing to consider with low cost video production is editing.

So you’ve got all of this footage, now what? The edit is where the real work begins. What if your interviewee has given you 10 minutes of rambling answers and you want a 1 minute piece out of it? Did you remember to shoot some cutaway footage to cover up all of these cuts that you’re going to have to make?

Editing software can be tricky to get to grips with, especially for a beginner. Fear not though, there are tutorials online to help you out if you are thinking of doing this yourself. The question is, do you have the time to learn whilst trying to do the rest of your job? Imagine if there was someone who could do it all for you and help you get the most out of our video budget.

Low cost video production – Experience

The final thing to consider in low cost video production is the experience.

All the gear and no idea. It’s a common phrase with good reason. It’s all very well investing in your own kit and producing your own video but that doesn’t guarantee a high quality video for you and your business. Taking the time and using a little more budget gets you a team of people with the experience and know how to help create an effective video that will do what you need it to. Whether that is to entice new customers, sell a product or promote an event you’re hosting, it’s worth getting the right team in.

A production team can help you plan your video, script it right and ensure that it aligns with your business branding, as well as having the right tools to turn this all into reality. It’s vital that your video is targeted at the right people and in the right places, otherwise you won’t see anything back from that investment. If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right, so why should this not apply to your marketing?

Get in touch to see what we can do for you and just how far your video budget can go.

Will Littlewood is an Upmarketry network partner and the Head of Production at RAW Pictures, a film and video production company helping businesses stand out online with dynamic and engaging film-making.

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