10 notebooks to supercharge your creativity and productivity

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Hannah Brice

How many devices do you own? I’m willing to bet it’s more than three. And on top of that, you’ll have at least 10 apps for capturing thoughts, notes, plans and to do lists. But despite these many electronic tools at your disposal, it’s often better to use a good old fashioned pen and paper when you need to get the creative juices flowing and tick through your enormous to do list. The thing is just any old notebook won’t do. Here are 10 of the best notebooks to supercharge your creativity and productivity.

1. The Rocketbook Everlast

Everlast notebook

It’s a pain when you run out of space in your notebook but with the Rocketbook you never have that problem – it’s reusable! Every one of its 36 pages is wipe clean when you use the compatible Pilot FriXion pen.

Also, so you can keep your important notes, you’re able to send every page to your Google docs, Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote, email and more. 

Available at Amazon from £30.44 plus postage.

2. Brain Dump Journal

Brain Dump Journal

This notebook is great if you need more than a pad of blank pages. According to its cover, “when your brain is buzzing with to-do lists, ideas and different priorities, these helpful thinking worksheets will allow you to clear your mind and reach your goals.”

It has 116 pages featuring different page designs which prompt you to capture pressing actions, big ideas and other important notes.

You can also personalise it.

Available from Paperchase for £18.

3. Passion Planner

Passion Planner

If you can get past the dodgy name without giggling, this is a great notebook if you’re looking to achieve some major life goals.

There are different pages to devise roadmaps to meet your goals as well as weekly and monthly planners. Then, at the end of each phase, you can capture your progress and feelings.

Perhaps not the one to bring to business meetings, but quite good for setting yourself some big targets.

Journals start from $25 and then you need to pay approx $12 for shipping from the US.

4. Liberty London Notebook

Liberty London

From one notebook that’s not quite fit for the office, to another that’ll show everyone you meet that you mean business. Here’s the unbelievably stylish Liberty London notebook.

Covered in leather, embossed with iconic Ianthe Liberty print and filled with pages with a metallic trim, you’ll be too scared to write in it and ruin its beauty.

Available at Liberty London in 7 beautiful colours for £50.


Whitelines notebook

Another notebook option that allows you to easily scan and share what you’ve drawn or written, is the Whitelines notebook. Using, yup you’ve guessed it, white lines instead of black, it makes scanning your notes via the whitelines app super easy. Perfect if you like to operate electronically but find you’re at your most creative when you’ve got a pen in your hand. Makes working with teams across multiple locations a breeze too.

The app is free and the notebooks, which come in squared or lined form, start from £5.50 from Amazon.

6. Code&Quill

Code and Quill

Self-Proclaimed as the ‘Notebook for Creatives’, Code&Quill is a US brand with lay-flat books with a mix of dot grid pages for sketches and drawings and indentation rule which can be used for lists and notes.

The Traveller starts from $15 plus shipping.

7. Moleskine Evernote

Moleskine Evernote

This clever collaboration between notepad legends Moleskine and the original organiser app Evernote will change the way you take notes forever.

Just take notes in your notebook, tag the page with the accompanied Smart Stickers and then digitalise the notes with the Evernote app. The stickers will categorise the notes making them easily searchable within your digital files. All the notes are easy to share too.

You can get your Evernote notebook from Amazon for £18.81 and it comes with a free 3 month subscription to Evernote premium.

8. Moleskine Smart Writing System

Moleskine Smart Writing System

Keeping with Moleskine, let’s take digitalising your notes a step further. Using the Paper Tablet, Smart Pen+ and companion app, your notes or sketches appear in digital form on your phone screen IN REAL TIME. You can then edit, organise and share easily.

Picture this, you’re on a conference call explaining a complicated concept. Each point you make, you can illustrate and share with the others on the call. Genius!

And if that’s not enough. The pen also lets you record audio so you can capture explanations and brainwaves as you write.

The full set is available from Rymans for £189.99.

9. Papier


For the old school among us, how about some simple, straightforward good ol’ paper notebooks? Papier’s are beautiful, affordable and customisable so you can’t go wrong.

Available from Papier’s website from £12.99.

10. Ink+Volt


I’m leaving my favourite to last. This super planner will get you organised and meeting your goals in no time.

Containing a goals tracker, 30 day and weekly challenge pages, weekly planners, and inspiration tools, you’ll feel like you’re Winning.

Ink+Volt books start from $30 + $25 shipping but we still think that’s a bargain if it’s going to make you meet all your business goals.

Now, go forth and create something marvellous!

Hannah is the Managing Director of Upmarketry.

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