Inspirational Podcasts for Startups

Hannah Brice Written by
Hannah Brice

If you’re building a startup, it can be helpful to find inspiration from people who have experience in your area. But who has time to sit and read a book?! One of the best ways for the time-poor to stay informed and learn new things is to listen to business-related podcasts.

Whatever you want to learn more about, there is a podcast that will inspire and motivate you to succeed in business. It could be coming up with a business plan, building your brand, copywriting, managing your accounts or learning how to make helpful business connections. It’s all available to you.

Here are some inspirational podcasts for startups:

Entrepreneurs On Fire

Find inspiration and instruction when you’re just starting off with this upbeat podcast. John Lee Dumas hosts a daily dose of interviews with entrepreneurs who have made it big.

They share their stories, including how they got to where they are now, the hiccups along the way and the lessons they’ve learned. Whether you take instruction from listening or not, it can’t fail to lift the spirits if you’re ever feeling unmotivated.

The Introvert Entrepreneur

You don’t have to be outspoken and aggressive to be a successful business owner. The Introvert Entrepreneur is presented by Beth Buelow, a self-professed introvert and successful entrepreneur. The show focuses on both interview and discussion with the aim of showing listeners that there is a different side to business than what many of us imagine. Buelow gently guides listeners towards a different way of thinking: that you don’t have to be a loud, eternally-networking extrovert to build a strong and confident brand with a loyal customer base.

Support is Sexy

Another one to make it on our list of inspirational podcasts for startups is Support is Sexy.

Elayne Fluker has been writing about business for decades. Now she hosts a one-of-a-kind podcast showcasing and discussing some of the world’s successful female entrepreneurs. It’s all about support and finding inspiration from one another. Business is competitive, but that doesn’t mean it has to be entirely self-serving. The theme of Fluker’s podcast is that there’s plenty of custom for everyone, and we would do better to support one another than try and tear each other down.

As Told By Nomads

The As Told by Nomads podcast has an enthusiastic following for its quick and at times humorous way of delivering helpful information for business owners.

The idea of nomads is captivating, and highly relatable to those of us who are self-employed. The podcast features interviews with some of the world’s digital nomad businesses, cross-cultural people and individuals who travel a lot for their work.

Discover how to become a global brand and learn about the interconnectedness of international business. An exploration of humanity as much as it is of business, this podcast is one for the listener who loves learning about different cultures and joining the dots between them.

Whether you’re sitting on the tube or having a jog, you may as well fill this time with something that will help you grow and succeed. Whatever type of business you want to grow, you’ll find a podcast to help you along the way… And, who knows – maybe you’ll start your own business podcast one day?