An Introduction to NLP and How It Could Change Your Business…

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NLP stands for Neuro-linguistic programming and refers to the practice of understanding how the ways in which people think, feel, speak and behave affects their lives, businesses and how they achieve their goals.  Simply put, NLP is all about understanding and connecting to your own learned behaviours and how these can be changed for personal development and, indeed, business success.

I am a qualified NLP coach and my journey with NLP is one that has certainly progressed over the last six years of my entrepreneurial growth and has been a pivotal part to my success and one that has led me to new ways of ‘knowing’.

Having struggled for many years to find a job that left me feeling fulfilled and feeling the constant social pressure to work long hours in a ‘stable’ job, I wanted to create a business that I was passionate about. My turning point came after I started researching NLP, allowing me to overcome my need for external validation, find my inner confidence and reconnect with the things I loved. Now, I run my own unique business where I work as a Bespoke Networking & Lead Generating Strategist, supporting female entrepreneurs to scale their businesses through sales, offering them more time leverage and reducing the stress and burnout experienced by business owners.

Notice Your Limiting Beliefs

Referred to as the ‘ultimate inside job’, the first step is all about reaching inwards and discovering your own innate power. You are able to understand your habit traps, what is keeping you stuck, and how to break free from them.

The truth is your brain is an obedient and loyal servant. Ask it disempowering questions and it will work like Google and give you every answer confirming your limiting belief. This is why so many entrepreneurs stay stuck and continue to cement the limiting beliefs that are constantly killing their success.

Think about what questions you are currently asking yourself when it comes to your business, goals, and your current success? Becoming aware of these and ensuring you are asking empowering questions will almost certainly propel you and your business forward to achieve the success you desire.

One of the beautiful aspects of NLP is its ability to harness the power that is within us. Once we understand what really drives us as human beings, we can become a far more influential leader within our niches, giving greater value and maximising our relationships. When we do this, we achieve a much more profound sense of contentment in life as well as greater connections with those in our life whether that be personal, professional, intimate or social relationships.

Change Your Language

The second step is all about reassessing the impact of language – both externally and internally.

As entrepreneurs one of the biggest challenges we face is having the ability to speak our own inner truth and be able to communicate it in a way that represents who we really are. Understanding the language we use and the damage it can have on our own growth is pivotal.

These are words we use in our everyday language that act as tiny missiles – we don’t see them, but they do a hell of a lot of damage. I am going to give you the example that nearly every entrepreneur faces. It’s not your fault – we are told to set goals and make lists of what we ‘want’ however, the word ‘Want’ can have a negative effect on you and your business.

When you say to yourself that you ‘want’ something, the brain will continue to give you that feeling of wanting and continue to give you that feeling of not having, and almost create a canyon between what you want and where you currently are.  Instead of using the word ‘want,’ use the word ‘choose’ and see how quickly you can regain your power.

Trust Your Intuition

The final step is all about finding and connecting with your own intuition and learning how to trust it and apply it in all aspects of your life.

NLP really provides a set of unique tools for extracting the information that is already inside of you, your inner knowing, on a subconscious level and if you can activate that to a conscious level, there really isn’t anything you can’t do.

When you give yourself full permission to seek the answers from within instead of looking outside of yourself, you can control the actions you take. Each one of us have been programmed from a very early age and with that developed beliefs, and programmes get stuck at the unconscious level. We get conditioned to think we need to look outside of ourselves to find the answers from within. Notice what habits are currently not serving you, notice the words you use and how they make you feel and notice what beliefs might currently be keeping you stuck to make a change.

I hope this snippet of NLP has inspired you to seek the knowledge you need to achieve any goal and the personal fulfilment you are seeking in life and business.

Lucy Crane is a Bespoke Networking & Lead Generating Strategist. For more information, please visit

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