Marketing for a new startup: what to outsource, do without and do yourself

Hannah Brice Written by
Hannah Brice

It can be incredibly overwhelming as a startup to grow and keep costs low. The obvious route is to try and do all the marketing yourself but with little experience and even less time, you’re unlikely to achieve anything other than exhaustion and frustration. The answer is to do some yourself, outsource other elements to affordable experts (hi there!) and then leave the remaining marketing tasks for another day….or never because they’re actually not going to be right for your business anyway. But what do you do yourself and what do you outsource? And what do you do without?

Marketing for a new startup: what to outsource

  • Branding

It may be tempting to use a cheap logo generator tool to find your business logo or even have a doodle yourself but if you’re hoping to attract the attention of seasoned investors and an army of fans then your brand needs to look slick. A logo that is too similar to someone else’s or that looks a bit “basic” won’t do the job. Use an experienced designer to create your brand identity and they’ll put proper thought into designing something that reflects your name and what your business does, and that is unlike anything else out there.

  • Messaging

You can’t do your messaging yourself. You’re too close to what you do and too passionate about the business to be able to write in an objective and simple way.

Outsource the activity of defining what you do and why and you’ll gain a clear message that appeals to target customers, investors and potential employees.

  • Strategy

This is really important and not something you can do without years of marketing and PR experience.  Devise the right strategy and you’ll ensure that every penny of your budget and minute of your time is put to good use and edging your business closer to its goals.

Go ahead without one and you’ll run yourself ragged exhausting every marketing channel available with no clear idea what’s working.

The strategy should tell you all the tactics that you should then pursue and then you can look at what you do yourself and what needs expert attention.

  • Social media

The argument that anyone can master social media is wrong. In fact, the social media landscape is becoming more and more difficult for businesses to navigate effectively. This is because of the ever increasing need to include advertising as part of your strategy, the introduction of video and interactive elements, and the sheer volume of competition.

It was once enough to post interesting statements a couple of times a day across all channels. That’s no longer the case. Experts are needed.

Marketing for a new startup: what to do yourself

  • Initial content creation

Sure, as a startup you need a LOT of content – for social media, your website, a blog, and other marketing channels. And it is our recommendation that over time you should get help for this. HOWEVER, at first, you need to write the content. As much as you can.

Only you know the intricacies of how your product or service works. Only you know why you created your business and what difference you were trying to make. Write this content and then it will be easier for the company to whom you outsource future content creation to take things further.

  • Partnerships

Establishing partnerships with companies and organisations that are well known by your target audience but non-competing is a great way to raise your profile quickly. But you don’t need to outsource this activity; you possess the best contacts to make these relationships happen.

Marketing for a new startup: what to do without

  • PR

This may seem controversial but for a brand new startup, we believe PR is not your answer. Why? Because, at only a few days into the business, your only story to pitch to the media will be “New company launches with promise to make something better”. Yawn.

Give yourself at least six months, build up some proof in both customer case studies and increasing sales figures and then you’ve got a story.

Feeling a little clearer about it all now? If yes, please do get in touch as we’d love to help you with your brand messaging and marketing strategy. If it’s not clear and you still have questions, we can help with that too.