10 reasons every startup should have a good copywriter on speed dial

Hannah Brice Written by
Hannah Brice

Some startups can be a bit of a one-man band to begin with and that’s more down to necessity than design. Many budding entrepreneurs will put huge stock in recruiting the right tech specialists while a writer is something which is well down the list… if it’s even on it at all.

However, a copywriter can invaluable to any burgeoning brand and here are 10 reasons why.

1. They can give your website substance.

As a startup, cash flow may actually be more of a trickle at the beginning. But in spite of that, you know you need to invest in a website. You’ll probably devote a decent slice of your budget to developing a website which is user-friendly and eye-catching but what are people going to find out about you when you get there? A good copywriter can craft the content for your site which will get to the point of who you are and what you do with the minimum of fuss.

2. They can help shape the voice of your brand.

Consistency is key when trying to shape an identity, especially for a startup. You may know what you stand for, but keeping that consistency of message across all platforms such as website, blog, social media and email can be tricky. A copywriter with experience in your field can provide content across all these platforms which means there aren’t conflicting messages coming out.

3. They can drive traffic through blogs.

‘If you build it they will come’. That may work for a fictional baseball field, but it’s not really the case for websites. A blog is a great way of providing engaging and interesting copy while also driving up your ranking on search engines and driving traffic. A good copywriter can not only supply SEO-rich copy, but can also make sure your blog is up to date, leaving you to get on with other aspects of the business.

4. They can boost your communications game.

A good copywriter knows how to craft an email which will press all the right buttons with potential customers. This has been proven to deliver an effective ROI rate for startups who can’t afford a massive marketing budget.

5. They can evangelise for you.

Generating leads is vital for any startup and a skilled and experienced copywriter knows how to do that. They can post on forums, other blogs or submit articles for industry publications to create a buzz and hopefully hook a few juicy leads.

6. They can show customer and competitors how serious you are.

Taking the step of appointing a writer shows you want all the bases covered. Writing is a craft and you could cut corners by getting someone in-house to do it, but seeking out an experienced professional writer shows you mean business.

7. They can knock any existing content into shape.

You’ve decided you can do without a writer. You’ve copied and pasted a few paragraphs from another website here, got some web designer to bash out a page or two there. The result is a hideous mess, but it’s not too late to recruit a writer. A good copywriter will also be adept at rewriting and editing existing content and saving the day.

8. Words pour out of them.

Call up a writer and in the course of a three-minute conversation, you can bet they have problem already got a couple of hundred words written in their head. Copywriters are creative people who are skilled at cutting to the chase quickly. Most are experienced at knocking out all kinds of content at short notice, meaning a few short instructions from you can unlock a wealth of precious content.

9. They can also sell.

A good writer could secure a contract for the supply of precipitous ice crystals to the Inuit community. And when they are not selling snow to the Eskimos, copywriters can write bids for other lucrative jobs and craft persuasive submissions for industry awards.

10. Good writers are flexible.

Having a good working relationship with a copywriter can be invaluable. Even if you want to change direction or alter your message, a good writer can adapt and be flexible.

Have we convinced you that you need a good copywriter on speed dial? Well the next step is finding one.  There are a number of sites offering one off freelance services such as UpWork but it’s wise to secure a copywriting partner who you can keep coming back to you for all your writing needs as they’ll build up a great understanding of your business and will ensure your tone of voice and writing style remains consistent. Get in touch with us to see how we can help.