Meet: Rav Khokhar, Founder of Mini Maniacs

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Hannah Brice
Got a successful career but think you could achieve more on your own? Rav’s story just might inspire you to take the leap…..

Meet Rav Khokhar

An experienced events manager, Rav saw an opportunity to work for herself, and made Mini Maniacs a successful business that attracts clientele from across the globe. Here’s her story. 

1. Why did you start Mini Maniacs and what were you doing before?

I started Mini Maniacs in Nov 2017, it provides parents with a comprehensive event planning, styling and entertainment company for children of all ages.  I was working in corporate events as an Events Manager before, having moved to the UK to do my Masters in International Business in 2010.

2. What were the biggest sources of inspiration and support when you were starting out?

I was very inspired by my former bosses when I was working in Shanghai to start something of my own. Having moved to the UK, when I had the opportunity to work in Shanghai, I had to take it. I managed luxury events for a French company based out.

My biggest support was and is still my husband, not only he helps me with the business but is also my business consultant.

3. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since starting the business?

To never make a decision based just on financial gain. 

4. What has been your proudest moment/biggest achievement so far?

I’ve had lots of fantastic moments and I’m proud to say I have organised some fantastic events and parties.  One that really sticks in my mind is organising a 21st birthday for the sister of a very well known influencer based in Malaysia.

5. What piece of advice would you give to anyone starting out?

Just go for it! Having wanted to set up my own business for some time, when I received the unexpected email from a lady who ran Mini Maniacs at the time but was looking to sell, I recognised the massive potential the business had. If I hadn’t have just gone for it, I wouldn’t be here now! 

6. What piece of investment did you make in the business that was worth every penny?

I did invest in a mentor and it was the best investment to date.

7. Which element of marketing has made the biggest impact on your business?

Facebook and Instagram are great for marketing. Instagram is so visual so it’s the perfect showcase for the events I plan. Facebook is great too, as so many parents leave reviews and tag their friends in photos of parties I’ve planned for their children. When it comes to parties it’s also about word of mouth and I get parents coming back to me each year, to plan their child’s next birthday party

8. What do the next 12 months look like for you?

It’s all happening in 2019! There are lots of exciting parties for Mini Maniacs and this year we will also be launching our sister company Signature-Soirees. It will focus on corporate and celebration events, which I’ve always loved.

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