10 quick ways to boost Facebook engagement for consumer facing startups

Laura Street Written by
Laura Street

Despite what people may say, Facebook is still the most used social media platform in the UK. It’s had a challenging few years and constant updates to the algorithm keep you on your toes, but there are still plenty of benefits to using Facebook pages for consumer brands. It is the best-known social network with over 2 billion users worldwide and has the longest on site dwell time of any social platform (7.2 minutes in 2019) by quite a long way. It’s the perfect network for building a community and sourcing user generated content, managing your brands reputation and responding to customer enquiries. With over 87.5% of the UK digital populace on Facebook, how can you boost engagement for your brand? Here are my top ten tips:

1. Use good, clear imagery

Engaging imagery is essential for brands using this social platform. Make sure it is the right size (1200 x1200 pixels) for maximum impact. Original imagery is ideal but memes and gifs can also work well if it fits in with your brand strategy.

2. Engage

Be sure to reply to comments with actual responses rather than copy and pasting answers. People like to know there is a human managing the page and not a robot! Make use of private messages for any customer service issues to ensure no personal data is shared publicly.

3. Share

Don’t be afraid to share your page updates to your personal profile occasionally. Doing it every time will drive your friends and family nuts (and probably make them mute you), but when it’s something you’re personally excited about it’s a great way to reach a potentially new audience.

4. Know your audience

Who are you trying to reach with your Facebook presence? Once you are clear on this, find relevant content for your target audience and not just obvious product links to your own brand. Think about similar themes that would be of interest to people with this lifestyle and don’t be afraid to share something light hearted occasionally. For example, fast fashion retailers often talk about celebrities and holidays, not just clothes! Or soft drink brands are not just talking about people who are thirsty!

5. Seasonality

Regularly update your profile or cover image to highlight key dates and events. Make sure this reflects your company’s values and isn’t just looking to cash in on a religious holiday (for example).

6. Tag someone

Encourage your page followers to ‘tag someone’ to reach a wider audience. For example, ‘tag someone who you would love to be here with’ alongside a photo of a beautiful beach. Again, ensure this fits in with your content as otherwise it will seem quite random.

7. Share exclusive codes

Want to see how engaged your social media followers are? Why not offer up exclusive discounts or codes with time limit to measure impact? It’s great for proving ROI but also nice to give something back to those who have chosen to follow your brand.

8. Schedule

Figure out when is the best time for engagement throughout the week and then update on set days (e.g 2-3 times a week). Play around with using the same days and times for a month or so and then shake it up a bit to see what works for you. Usually lunchtime on a weekday is the best for Facebook but this won’t necessarily be true for everyone.

9. Keep it brief

Facebook users are scrolling through a lot of content every time they login so use just a small amount of text and a great image to grab their attention. Less than 50 characters works best along with bitly links.

10. Try out video

If you have the resources then videos and gifs work really well on Facebook. Gifs encourage engagement and shares especially when linking through to a full video. Alternatively, share 3-5 minute videos on Facebook as they gain 59% more engagement than anything else.

Follow these tips and carefully plan out content to avoid any hasty decisions about what to post and when. If you’re unsure about which social media channels are the right fit for your brand, I’d be happy to take a look and give you some tips.

Laura Street is a social media, content and consumer PR consultant with over 10 years experience working on all the major social media channels. Having recently produced the award shortlisted film Coat Tales, Laura is also knowledgable on branded video and well placed to advise on social strategy. To find out more please visit www.lauraannestreet.com.