Meet: Alex Dyer, Founder of Tutor House

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Hannah Brice

Have you got your sights on expanding your business internationally? Meet Alex Dyer, one founder who says content is the answer.

Meet Alex Dyer

With a mission to change the way students and parents find trusted and qualified tutors, Alex Dyer set up Tutor House to make tutoring affordable for and accessible to the people that need it the most. Here’s how he turned it into the UK’s leading tutoring company.

1. Why did you start Tutor House and what were you doing before?

I was the Head of Psychology for eight years before starting Tutor House. I wasn’t happy with the lack of individual care and attention that the school (and other schools I worked at) provided. So Tutor House started on the back of that, we want to help each individual learner by treating them as an individual learner!

2. What were the biggest sources of inspiration and support when you were starting out?

I attended a talk by Sir Ken Robinson, close to when we started. He’s very inspirational and sarcastic, which is the perfect mix. He was discussing education and how there is a special something in every single learner. And that resonated with me.

3. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since starting the business?

Don’t do it all on your own, don’t try to be a hero. I realised, pretty late on, that I was not an expert in many areas. And since we have grown a huge amount, I’ve learnt that 9 out of 10 times other people are better than me at many things. People are key, they are your team.

4. What has been your proudest moment/biggest achievement so far?

Growing the business from my bedroom to where we are now, a team of 14 people, with over 10,000 tutors, gaining investment to grow even more this year. It’s very exciting what we are doing and what we achieved.

5. What piece of advice would you give to anyone starting out?

It’s hard, but anyone can do it. I’m dyslexic, and it was a real struggle. But if you work hard and build a good team, you can do it. Never give up, and make sure you always learn.

6. What piece of investment did you make in the business that was worth every penny?

Writing – we spent the early days writing and writing. It was so long and such hard work, but now it’s paid off, we rank so well organically and have hundreds of highly ranked SEO efficient pages. People are calling up to write for us, tutors write for us, it was a great investment of time. (And tears)

7. Which element of marketing has made the biggest impact on your business?

Again, I would say content. We still believe it’s king. SEO is so important, and once you get the hang of it, it’s an amazing driver of traffic. Find some good people to write for you.

8. What do the next 12 months look like for you?

Growth. We’re on course to be in every major UK city, Australia and the US within a year. A big step, but you have to aim high. We’re growing every day and expect that to continue.

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