What to focus on with your marketing in 2022

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There’s no other way to say it. 2020 was the year of survival. 2021 has been the year of recovery. This means that (hopefully) 2022 will be the year for growth but the right marketing support will be key.

To help you on your way, we’ve prepared a round up of the steps you can take to make 2022 your year.

But first, it might help to look at the challenges you need to overcome.

Firstly, there will be increasing competition. Over the past 18 months or so, several new businesses have come up to feed the increasing demand from consumers as well as businesses. All of them will heavily rely on marketing to garner brand awareness and competitive advantage.

Secondly, digitalisation has significantly increased during the pandemic. We’ve discovered the speed, efficiency, and cost advantages of shopping and operating online and as a result, businesses in this space are thriving.

So how can you stand out? Without a monthly budget of tens of thousands to spend on agencies, ads, and creatives, how can you make sure your efforts have an impact?

Know your goals

The first step is to identify and if needed, reevaluate your business goals. What do you hope to achieve from marketing in 2022? It can’t be a generalised answer on visibility. It will have to be specific and relevant to your overall objectives.

Are you launching your business and looking to create brand awareness? Do you want to inform potential customers of a new solution? Do you want to drive users to your website or add subscribers to your newsletter? Once you understand your goals, prioritise them.

Identify available resources

Next, you should identify your spending bandwidth and set a timeframe to achieve your goals. A careful analysis of your resources will reveal how much you can afford to spend on marketing support every month and quarter. It will also show you how much time you can dedicate to working with a marketing team or an individual.

The resources needed for marketing will vary from industry to industry and business to business. The idea at this stage is not to compete with others but to recognise your business’s potential to back a marketing plan.

Hire a marketing consultant

Once you know your goals and have identified available resources, the next step is to onboard a marketing consultant to support you long-term. Choose wisely so that the individual or agency you appoint can deliver all of the marketing services you require.

While your needs might fluctuate and your approach might change from month to month, engaging different experts multiple times will get you nowhere. The right expert will handle all your marketing needs and coordinate with the specialists when needed on your behalf, keep costs low, and increase your ROI.

Understand your audience

Marketing will only be effective if it reaches the right audience. You should know who you’re talking to and understand their user journey. What are their dreams and challenges? What other options have they tried before? What solution are they seeking now?

When you know more about your audience, you’ll also know how much they will be willing to spend on your product or service. This will help you find the right market fit. You should also know what stage of the user journey they’re in to make your marketing more effective.

Focus on your messaging

Now it’s time to think about your messaging. What does your target audience care about in 2022? Have their lifestyles changed? The pandemic has changed priorities for everyone, and you may have to revise your messaging to be relevant.

You should also think beyond the channels and methods that you may have previously used to reach them. You may be missing out on cost-effective and highly productive platforms to find and engage with your potential customers.

Find your biggest fans

Not all customers are alike. Some will be early adopters and ambassadors of your brand. Use your marketing support to find and convert them into users of your new product or service. They will then become your brand stewards and help spread word-of-mouth awareness for you.

This kind of detailed market segmentation will be easy if you have an expert marketing consultant. They will identify the users who will disproportionately champion your brand to their friends and family through social media. These users may also create user-generated content that will lend credibility to your marketing communication. It will also amplify your awareness and make it more compelling for other users.

Invest in digital marketing

The next step is to up your digital game. Consumers have become more comfortable working, learning, trading, and seeking entertainment online. So your business needs to look the part and should be able to operate online seamlessly.

A key focus area for your digital initiatives should be video, the king of content right now. They can be easily consumed and shared, which makes them a crucial part of all marketing activities.

To conclude, the time for isolation and preparation is over. Now is the time for growth. What will make it happen for you is an imaginative, focused, and highly effective marketing campaign with the right marketing support.  

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