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It’s very common for marketing and PR agencies to do little in the way of raising their own profiles as they’re too busy chasing business. We spent a lot of time developing our brand and we’ve shared a summary of it here so you can see how we work.

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Brand Mission

Brand Promise

Brand Values


Tone of Voice

Let's set the scene

If a business has £7,000+ a month to spend on marketing and PR, then it has a wealth of agencies to choose from. In fact, there are hundreds of specialist marketing agencies pushing their services, award-winning work and big ideas to those who can afford them. What’s achieved is noise and attention, but not necessarily the impact on growth that the client needs.

Startups and small businesses often don’t have big budgets so their options for marketing support are limited to unknown overseas freelancers or DIY. Not ideal.

Entrepreneurs are incredibly resourceful when building their business: outsourcing, automating and DIY-ing what they can to save money and time to work effectively. With a keen eye on growth, they’re able to make quick decisions and need a partner – not a provider – to guide and support them with affordable marketing consultancy that will get results.

Upmarketry is that partner.

Our Mission: To get startups and small businesses the attention they need to truly disrupt their industries

Our Brand Promise: Partner; not Provider

We may not have any equity in your business but we’re invested in the success of it all the same. With Upmarketry, you have a team of marketing experts at your side advising, inspiring and challenging you. When you experience incredible growth, we get a case study and endorsement from you. That’s our reward. In the meantime, let’s work hard, get results and enjoy every minute of this journey together.

Our Brand Values

Warmth and fun

Startup life should be fun, empowering and thrilling. From day one, we work hard to build a rapport with clients, contacts and colleagues based on humour, kind-hearted ness and common interests.

It’s crucial to us that we like our clients and they like us. We need to enjoy each other’s company and respect one another. As a result, everyone we work with has to pass the Lift Test: would we be happy trapped alone in a lift with them for at least four hours? If not, it’s time to part ways.

Steer and support

It can be lonely at the top of a startup or small business and what’s needed is a right hand person to provide valuable advice and help every step of the way.

In some cases, this means we lead: we tell the client what they must do (in a clear, professional and respectful way). At other times, we act as a sounding board and give support to help them deliver on their ideas.

Crucially, we must gain their trust to do both when needed.

Challenge traditional thinking

We’re disrupting the marketing agency model and we work with businesses who are disrupters in their own industries too.

This means we’re always seeking new ways of doing things better. And we’ll encourage you to do that too.

We’ll even challenge you. We’re not “yes men” but that’s for your own good. Let us look on the negative side of things to challenge what could go wrong and prepare for it – so you don’t have to.


When we commit to a piece of work, it’s because we believe in the results it’ll achieve for you; not because we simply want the income. In fact, if we think an approach isn’t working, we’ll tell you to try something different – even if that means less fee for us.

We’re building a business and a reputation, just like you. It won’t be built on blagging, cutting corners and land-grabbing. It’ll come from quality work, solid relationships and consistently doing the right thing.

Elevator pitch

Startups want to disrupt their industries. Upmarketry gets the attention they need to do it. We build brands for startups and small businesses that are fit for business giants, thereby giving them a seat at the big boy table, and all the influence that goes with it. And because the brand messaging is created with the target customers in mind, you talk in their language about issues they face. And before you know it, they’re yours.

PR descriptor: Upmarketry, the startup brand builder and marketing consultancy, ...

Our Tone of Voice

Positive and enthusiastic

We want everyone to come away from communicating with us feeling engaged, positive and inspired so we need to project a happy, enthusiastic tone at all times (unless inappropriate).

New activities and tasks are met with delight and eagerness, and questions are responded with an enthusiasm to help.


Our clients need to trust in our abilities and direction so we must speak and carry ourselves with confidence. This means being prepared for every call and meeting.

We also need to show we believe in what we do and say and have confidence in our clients’ businesses.


To help establish relationships and rapport quickly, we adapt our tone and language to align with the people we’re speaking to. This will mean we conduct ourselves appropriately with the most formal or laid-back people we work with.

It’s also vital we read body language and a situation quickly and correctly so as to appear supportive and sensitive to client issues.

Sound good?

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