What’s your brand message?

When starting out, many businesses choose a name, purchase a cheap logo online and call that their brand. But there’s a lot more to it. With the right brand messaging - brand values, tone of voice, a brand promise and mission statement - attracting customers becomes a lot easier. We call this Phase 1.

"What's in a brand?"

The POWER of a strong brand

TOUGH COMPETITION TO BEAT? Entering a busy and established market? Make your brand your differentiator, find something to stand for and build a loyal following who support your values.

NEED FUNDING? Add significant value to your business by making your brand an asset. Highly successful entrepreneur and author, Daniel Priestley, urges businesses to build 24 assets to drive success and your brand is one of them.

WANT TO ATTRACT A STRONG TEAM? Offer new employees so much more than a job. Give them a vision, a mission to work towards and some company values that they can adopt as their own.

Do you want a brand that does all of that and more?

Unless you’re an established brand or an industry leader, your sales and marketing efforts need to work on overdrive to get you attention and make an impact.

This is because the ‘why’ of the business isn’t clear. Strong brand messaging can change that.

Fill in the form to book in your startup brand build. We can also put you in touch with some of our clients so you can hear how we helped them.

Before you spend ANYTHING on marketing, get your brand messaging straight. For £1,700:

You'll gain a message that will:

- Tell customers, investors, clients and employees what your business stands for
- Help you and your team talk clearly and compellingly about what you do, and why and how you do it
- Transform your website, marketing and sales activity

We'll deliver

- a Brand Bible which will bring your brand to life and makes your business differentiator clear
- a simple strategy for how to promote your new messaging to your target audience
- guidance on rewriting web copy to match your new brand messaging

You'll discover

- how a few words can make your whole business work differently
- how unoriginal (and uninspiring) your competition is
- how to apply your new brand values and brand character to everything you do and say

Fix my brand

Why choose Upmarketry?

Building brands is what we specialise in but we're also experts in PR and marketing. This means that once we've created your brand messaging, we'll devise a strategy to apply it across social, PR, web, email and beyond to get your business the attention it deserves.

The next phase - our other services

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